Pastor Missal

Greetings to you in Jesus name our savior and Lord.

Family background :

I am Pastor AjmadPati Missal, age about 45. I born at village name Rayagada, district Gajapati. Orissa, India. My father name is dukiyadipati Missal, my mother name is Dibiyanjani Missal. I have six brothers and three sisters. My father died on 2004 and my mother died on 2005. My father was Hindu which he got marriage. My mother was Christian while she got marriage. Through my mother my father come to the Lord. They both became Christian and good believers and live for Jesus and faithful to service of the Lord.

But my Grandfather and grandmother were Hindu. My all brothers and sisters are Christian but I was not a Christian and never been to church or Sunday school because I was follower of my Grandmothers and grandfather. I was worshiping idols. I was going to Hindus temples and worshiping idols. I was doing what unbelievers were doing. I was not a good young man like my brothers and others Christian friends.

My convert :

One day a group of people invited me to persecute and bit to pastor in my village church. I was sitting back side of the church while pastor Caleb will come after church service, then I will bit pastor Caleb. In the middle of the church pastor Caleb was preaching the word of God from the book of Romans 13:14-14 and 8:28 the word of God come to my heart and touched my heart. Then I have began to cry and cry. I was not able to sit there to bit. I went backed to home and cry and cry. My father and mother was asking me what is the problem with him , why he is crying?. I said to them I sin against God and you all. I was going to wrong way and doing wrong things. Today I come to Know that I am a bad man. Today I come to know that only Jesus can make me good man. One of my Christian friend come to me started shearing the word of God and about Jesus. On month of April , 1995 I went to church and I was sitting in the church and pastor started preaching and God complete saved me through the word of God. That day very day I come to know Jesus is my savior and Lord. I received as Jesus is salvation. Praise the Lord I am saved and live for Jesus.

My Theological Study :

I desire to know more about God and I would like to study the word of God so God has open the way for me to go to Baptist Bible college from south India. It was 1800 kilometers from East India Orissa to south India. I was working night time  and study in Bible college day time. I was working Per hour 5 rupees in night. Carry stones, sand and cement and building work. During summer vocation in Bible college I choose to mission field to assist churches and distributing tracts and praying and preaching of the word of God. I have never been to my home during study in Bible college because I would like to have more experience in ministry of the Lord. I have stayed five years from 1995 to 2000. I have successfully finished my theological Degree courses B.TH and B.D.

Mission field :

 on 2000 I have enter into mission field to reach, preach, teach  and plant local churches in Orissa states.

Through Orphanage( children Ministry), pastors and evangelists and leaders conferences and youth ministry and villages , slums ministry and women’s conferences and Bible training school for making disciple and ministry to widows and assist to churches by teaching and preaching and counseling by the word of God to plant local churches in Orissa and near others states.

My family :

Praise the Lord for my family in Bhubaneswar city , Orissa. I got marriage on 2008.  I and my wife SAMAPIKA MISSAL serving the Lord together reaching for Christ. I have two sons , elder is AsmithPati Missal,(Starly) age 5 years  4 months and younger is Asrithpati Missal,(Dearly) age 2 years 8 months.

Please continue pray for me and my family and ministry of the Lord in Orissa to reach the unreached with His gospel and plant new local churches for the kingdom of the Lord.

In Christ and His service

Pastor Ajmadpati Missal & Samapika Missal