Bible College Programs

We have residential bible college in Bhubaneswar, we are teaching Ten doctrines with O.T & N.T survey, Paul wrote books and religious studies. It is three years course, we provide C.TH & B.TH.

We have nonresidential Bible colleges in three districts with deferent places. We provide food and all courses as free because these students are never been to any Bible train so our vision and aim to give Biblical education and graduate them. They will work with us and plant new local churches in Orissa and others parts of India.

Please pray for those students and support them and help them. We need each students monthly expenses 30$ Dollars all included.

Please pray for Bibles and books for library. If you have new or old computers and furniture’s can be welcome.  You are spiritual father and teacher for them. Teach and train them to be like Christ.

Bibles and books distribution:  

Bibles and Christian books are distributing to newly coming to Jesus. Bible and Christian books can be helpful.